This week I want to share with you a few new bits I can’t leave the house without and I simply love.These are the pieces that are my go to, everyday face kinda picks. Some I’ve been a fan of for a little while whilst others I’m still getting the hang of, but never the less, these are what’s in my makeup bag right now.

I’ve learnt how important quality is when it comes to all these things we as women put on our face everyday. What can’t you leave the house with right now? Have you tried any of these before?

1.Estee lauder double wear foundation

I love this foundation because I like my skin to look matte and not like you can poke your finger through my foundation. It gives you enough coverage but not making you look caked.

2.Mac studio fix finishing powder

I’ve used this power to set my liquid foundation for well over 3 years! Still my fave.

3.Avon eyeshadow primer

I tend to stay away from eye primers, because it’s an extra step and, 9 out of 10 times, they don’t work that well. But this primer’s texture is smooth and so lightweight that my lids aren’t weighed down by product. Eye shadow stays put and won’t run.

4.Brown eyebrow pomade

I’ve been wearing this brow powder  for a couple years now and absolutely love it.This brings such beautiful definition to my eye area that stays all day long. I wear Medium Brown.

5.Black up primer

What’s in my makeup bag

I love this primer for oil control, minimizing pores, and to help my makeup last long.and i definitely love black up primer

6. Bh cosmetics Gold Rush palette

I LOVE a warm smoky eye because it makes my eyes really stand out, on days when I do want a a natural look I run to my bh cosmetics gold rush palette. It’s also so pigmented and blendable..

7.Mac studio fix concealer

I use this concealer in shaping my eyebrows. This actually stays on foreverIf I have a long day out ahead of me. I wear light.

8.Colourpop ultra matte lip-limbo

9.Avon Mega Mascara

I’m loving playing around with different Mascaras at the moment, and this is my strong favourite right now. I loveee the comb style wand and the fact that you can get right to those tiny corner lashes and reach every bottom lash soso easily is just awesome. It’s really easy to layer up, so if you want a more dramatic lash look.

I stick to the essentials, and these products are  what’s currently in my makeup bag for everyday use, which I love!

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