10 Reasons Why Solo Travel Is Good For the Soul

So often we find ourselves completely caught up with life and everyday tasks that we don’t stop to connect with inner ourselves. One great way of reconnecting with yourself and tapping into that much needed personal time is traveling solo. If you are on the verge of wanting to take a much-needed selfie trip but can’t really find the motivation to actually book the trip these 10 reasons may just be the deciding factors that you need.

•    A break from everything and everyone- We all know that people can be outright draining not that they mean to be but it is simply a fact they can be and so can jobs, friends and just about anything else. Breaks are always needed just relax and revitalize.

•    The space to try new things with other’s opinions- Often when we go on trips with family and friends everyone has an opinion on where you should go and what you should do. Traveling solo takes away those opinions and leaves room for the one that really counts, YOURS!!!

•    Replenishing the mental space that we usually reserve for others. Sometimes we give so much of ourselves away, be it for a relationship, work, projects or friends that we leave very little mental space for ourselves and traveling alone can be the thing that replenishes that space and re-energizes the mind.

•    Make your own schedule-There is no need to feel that you need to get certain things done on certain days to maximize the trip or to entertain others when you are making your own schedule.

•    Empowerment- It’s empowering to really take hold of controlling what destination you would like to visit and actually making it happen.

•    Clarity- When you take a trip alone you really open that space to let your thoughts wonder on different topics. Maybe you have mulled over a certain decision and have put off the time to really dive into that subject.

•    Mingle with the locals- Go out mingle with people that you would never have a chance to speak to when travelling with a group. Often when travelling with friends or family we can become so consumed with spending quality time with them that we could be missing out on a real opportunity to speak to locals about the culture first hand.

•    Break out of your comfort zone- If travelling alone is on your bucket list now is the best time to do it. There will always reasons why you should not go (money, family, job, relationships etc.). Those things do not change with time and there will never be the perfect time to go so just say to hell with it and do it already!

•    The space to discover- When you travel alone you get to re-discover things about yourself that you may like or dislike, passions that you never knew you had, new desire to try different things and the possibilities are endless!

•    Confidence building- Traveling alone is a major confidence booster because it reminds you that you can do anything you want to do and control your outcome to some degree. We say some degree because there is always a wild card we just have to be able to adjust when it comes our way.

Now go book your trip already!

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